Sermon Preached 10/23/2016 – John 3:1-21 Nicodemus Part 1

Following is an audio file of a sermon I preached on October 23, 2016. The teaching/sermon is on John 3:1-21 Nicodemus Part 1.

Please forgive me for the fumbling, stumbling and the wrong choice of words – it is the first sermon I have tried to preach in about 10 years due to several chronic illnesses. I am stepping out on faith and trying to do what God has called me to do to the best of my abilities inspite of my disabilities. We are to walk by faith, not by site or feelings – I’m sure Paul suffered physically and emotionally during His ministry and who am I to do less.

My humble prayer is that God will use this to help someone. I freely give my life to the Lord so that He may help those in need… To His praise and glory is my prayer.

About evangelistjoe

I have been ordained of God to teach/preach the Holy Word - our family ministry is to help the church in making disciples of Jesus Christ.
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